What are the essential materials for drawing?

What are the essential materials for drawing?

Drawing freehand the environment requires an specific perspective, some art knowledge, and techniques of drawing. Your drawing reflects personality, sensitivity, good taste, emotions and more!

Still, a work of art can be made out of the right inspiration and essentials available at most stores.



Check out some of the things you can get to get your professional drawing started:


Derwent Graphic Pencils 24

This game of 24 pencils. contains all kinds of pencil you could want, from a 9 H fine and crisp until a soft and fuzzy 9B. An artist recommended us pencils and when we test them for the size we could understand why. Softer pencils are excellent for loose sketches, while the toughest are good for intricate details.


Pentel Arts Brush Pen

Professional and amateur artists use brushes for everything, from drawings and cartoons to news-style sleeve and its calligraphy. The version of Pentel is a particular favorite, mainly because it is easy to fill and clean and do not spill in full-page. Even if you're not quite in the League of Leonardo da Vinci, it is easy to create thin or broad lines with a single stroke.

If the bristles become clogged with ink, you can rinse with warm water and return to the drawing board. Available with black ink, sepia or grey, the brush comes with two refills.


Pastel Art Box

At an intermediate point between the drawing and the painting, working with pastels creates a nice effect, and does not need a ton of equipment. These professional standard cakes come in an orange box easy to transport, Tate so they are ideal if you are on the move.

They also look good. Best of all is that there are 26 colors, all with a high concentration of pigment, resulting in a very dense color application.


It doesn't matter if your style is a more free one and loose or more meticulous and careful, you can get great things created as long as you follow the basics and have a great source of inspiration.

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