Improve your drawing with 2 tips from experienced artists

Improve your drawing with 2 tips from experienced artists

How many times have you encountered a situation on which you want to capture the beauty of what's around you with your own hands but are afraid to do so because of lack of experience or practice?

Taking a picture with your phone most of the times doesn't allow you to really posses the moment and finally the experience is only superficial.


Looking around online we found with what this artist recommends for beginners to find their inspiration:

Finding inspiration for your drawing is something you have to work at no matter how many sketches you’ve completed. Just as writers experience writer’s block, artists can have these same creative impediments. One simple solution? “Make a list of things you like to draw,” illustrator Lisa Perrin recommends to My Modern Met, “and refer to that list when you feel stuck.”


As second tip we found the same page telling us you cannot force out inspiration, on the contrary you need to naturally await for it to come out and be ready when that happens:

Joseph M. Catimbang, aka Pentasticarts, is always on the lookout for inspiration. “Draw anywhere you are,” he says. Catimbang is ever-prepared to sketch.

“I always carry a pocket sketchbook wherever I go,” he explains. “It helps me do my conceptualization. Whenever I get an idea I have my pocket sketchbook with me so I can create a rough sketch of what I was thinking at the moment, I would later use these concepts to create final illustrations either for a personal project or a collaboration.”



As you can see any person can become a great artist as long as there is a lot of practice behind it. It's beautiful to create something out of this world with your own hands!

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