3 Drawing techniques for beginners

3 Drawing techniques for beginners

Drawing is the oldest mean of expression and the most basic of all the arts.

Art aims to graphically represent ideas in shapes and drawings as a mean to show the public how the artist represent and interpret reality.

We invite you to check how you as a beginner can also use your pen and paper to express and communicate your ideas with the surrounding world!


Drawing techniques for beginners:

1. Dithering (Hatching): dithering is to make small lines on the page. Make sure each line is parallel to the other. Lines that are nearest among them will be darker, while the lines further apart will make an area look lit.


2. Hatched Cross (Cross Hatching): this technique is the logical extension of shading, but rather than create parallel lines, get brands to intersect to create a kind of tissue of strokes.



3. Dotted (Stippling): If you are one of those who love the meticulous processes, this is for you. Stippling is infinite points on paper. As in other techniques, between closest points, are darker will be drawing.



Drawing is created by those who practice it. Try developing your skills by following our tips above.

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